When a person with assets passes away, it may be necessary to open an estate on their behalf. The purpose of opening an estate is ultimately to distribute the assets of the decedent to his or her heirs, but before that can happen, several steps are required. The Mobile Area attorneys at Gulf Coast Attorneys LLC will assist you, as the personal representative of the estate, to identify, collect, and preserve assets, identify heirs, identify creditors, pay claims and administrative costs, and distribute the balance to the heirs.

Whether or not the decedent died with a will or Last Will and Testament determines whether Letters of Administration or Letters Testamentary will be issued. The letters grant the person who receives them the authority to administer the estate. Once Letters have been obtained, the personal representative is required to give actual notice to known or reasonably ascertainable creditors and give publication notice to all others. Our attorneys will do this for you.

Does a Personal Representative Need an Attorney?

It is important that you, as the personal representative, are represented by an experienced attorney because if the estate is not administered correctly, you can become personally liable for paying off debts of the estate and for other charges and fees.

Importantly, the attorney's fees are usually paid with estate assets, not out of the personal representative's pocket.

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