Child custody disputes can be one of the most stressful and painful times that parents and children will go through in their lives. If you are going through a child custody dispute or if you believe that a child custody dispute is imminent, it is crucial that you contact an experienced attorney to guide you through the process and adequately protect your interests.

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Alabama Child Support Law

The law in Alabama requires parents to provide for the financial support of their child or children, regardless of the marital status of the parent. The amount of child support that a noncustodial parent must pay is determined by the application of the Alabama Child Support Guidelines. When issuing an order for child support in either a divorce case or child custody case, the court will require that each parent submit an income affidavit which will be factored into the determination of the child support amount.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Alabama Child Custody and Child Support

Is it possible for my children to be separated from their siblings as a result of my child custody case or divorce?

As a general rule, Alabama courts do not separate siblings in child custody and divorce cases. There are, of course, exceptions to the rule. The courts consider many factors when making judgments in child custody and divorce cases. The most prominent consideration is the best interests of the children. Under that consideration, the courts will look at the relationship between the parents and the children, and the relationship of the children with each other.

How long do child custody and divorce cases typically last?

Most child custody and divorce cases in Mobile County can last anywhere from 6 to 9 months or longer, if a settlement between the parties cannot be reached.

Can my child choose which parent to live with?

A child’s preference can be influential to the judge, but the judge has the final say. Many factors go into a judge’s decision regarding child custody cases, and one of the factors the child custody or divorce judge will consider is the preference of your child.

Speaking of my child, will he or she have to testify in court?

Usually, children don’t testify in court. But the possibility of your child testifying in your child custody or divorce case can’t be ruled out. Many times, the judge will meet privately in chambers with the child.

Can my former spouse and I agree to modify the child custody or divorce order?

Yes. In fact, it is preferable for parents to agree on the terms of the child custody or divorce modification. However, the court must approve of any changes that you desire to make to the divorce or child custody order.

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