Our attorneys believe that civil disputes between parties are often better resolved outside of the courtroom. Out of court settlements save all parties time and money. When disputes are negotiated and settled, parties are typically more satisfied because of the give and take involved, and both sides get to provide their perspective and analysis of the issues on a more personal level than in a courtroom.

At times, civil disputes can’t be resolved between the parties, so litigation, i.e., filing a lawsuit, is necessary. If this is the case with you — and you are considering a lawsuit or have been sued in court — it is very important for you to be represented by an attorney. The Mobile Area litigation attorneys at Gulf Coast Attorneys LLC will stand by your side and will guide you through the litigation process. Our attorneys represent individuals and businesses, as both plaintiffs and defendants, and manage every step of the litigation process from beginning to end.

Are You Considering Litigation — or Have You Been Sued — in the Mobile Area?

Contact us so that we can discuss your civil dispute with you. During your consultation, we will gather information from you, review the evidence that you provide, and give an honest assessment of your case. Throughout the representation, you'll know where you stand. Our staff looks forward to hearing from you.