Buying and selling real property is not as simple as signing a deed. In fact, before closing on real property in Alabama, whether you are buying or selling, you should obtain legal advice.

Our Mobile Area real estate attorneys will draft and/or review your closing documentation to ensure that your rights and interests are adequately represented and protected. If you are planning to purchase or sell real property, contact our office so that our attorneys can help you to avoid costly mistakes that may not appear for years after your real property closing.

Our experienced attorneys will thoroughly review the terms of your contract, title insurance documents, settlement statements, deeds, and all other closing-related documentation.

Gulf Coast Attorneys LLC will also assist you with the complexities of title reports and searches, easements, rights of way, homeowner’s association covenants, and subdivisions.

If I am buying or selling real property, can’t I just ‘draw up’ a deed myself?

The reasons that this is a bad idea are too numerous to list. Any time you purchase or sell real property, it is vital that a qualified attorney assist you so that you can avoid mistakes that will likely involve litigation or other consequences that could be very costly. The costs of hiring our firm to assist you with the proper real property documentation is minimal compared to the potential costs that you could face if your real property transaction is improperly done. If you purchase real property and ‘draw up’ a deed yourself, then there is the risk that the real property you are purchasing is subject to liens, mortgages, easements, etc., that could have been discovered in advance had you contacted an experienced law firm to assist you with your transaction.

I thought my real estate agent would take care of all of this.

While most real estate agents are well-versed in the intricacies of real property closings, most are not attorneys. The Grand Bay, Alabama real property attorneys at Gulf Coast Attorneys have the training, education and experience that is needed to help you to avoid potential legal issues that could result from an improperly handled real estate closing.

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